Don’t get hooked! Our new Phishing Security platform

Gone are the days when the types of scam emails you’d receive were about some prince that has left you $50,000,000 and all you need to do is “hand over your bank details” or pay some “legal probate fee” to get it.

Phishing emails are becoming harder and harder to distinguish from legitimate emails. And even with the best anti-virus software, some still manage to get through.

Cybercriminals are crafty, clever and manipulative.

So, how do we combat them?

We can’t go on the offensive (yet), but we can arm our staff with knowledge and training to spot and safely deal with phishing messages.

That’s why we’ve introduced our new Phishing Security platform.

Once signed up and onboarded, we will…

  • Send regular simulated phishing emails to your staff;
  • Provide access to our library of training material, which includes over 30 courses, tests and other resources;
  • Monitor the dark web for instances where your company’s accounts have been breached;
  • Provide you with regular reports on:
    • Staff test scores & training materials completed,
    • Company email accounts found in breaches on the dark web,
    • Any incidents from interacting with the simulated phishing emails.

Build your Human Firewall

With human error being the main cause of 95% of cyber security breaches (source IBM), it’s no good having the best anti-virus software or strictest firewall in place if staff are ill equipped to deal with phishing emails. One quick download of an attachment or entering their credentials into a spoofed website and potentially your whole business is compromised.

Especially when according to a recent study by Cisco, 86% of organisations had at least one person click on a phishing link.

That’s why we’ve developed our Phishing Security offering, to build your Human Firewall.

Find out more here or talk to us today.

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