Privacy Policies

Our partnership with Termageddon

For a long time, we’ve shied away from providing privacy policies, terms of use and other legal policies that a websites require. We’ve always said “we’re not lawyers” and can’t provide that kind of service. However, things have recently changed…

…Ok, we’re still not lawyers, but we’ve recently partnered with Termageddon to offer our clients an easier, automated and updated policy management solution.

Our certified agency status with Termageddon.

Once signed up, you can forget about updating your website’s policies as/when laws & guidelines change, Termageddon manages the required changes to make sure your policies and, ultimately, your business stay compliant.

All from just $99/yr.

Privacy Policies

So, how does it work?

It’s super simple, you’re in control, but we’re on hand for advice and guidance.

All you need to do is click the button below and checkout as you would any normal online purchase.

Side note: By using the link in the button above, Prystine clients will receive a 10% discount on their first purchase – best to go for the annual plan as that has the greatest savings! And full disclosure, Prystine does receive commission for each referral.

If the ‘Buy Now’ link doesn’t work, you can use PRYSTINE as a coupon code.

Once done, we can arrange an onboarding session with a policy expert at Termageddon to walk you through their platform (takes 20 minutes or so). You’ll then receive the policy embed codes. You just need to send them to us so we can embed into your website.

Then have a cuppa and relax knowing you’re covered.

The hands free approach

If you’d like a complete hands free approach, we can manage the process for you. This option involves us purchasing and arranging the policies on your behalf.

There is a one-off admin fee that we charge for this service. Plus, you will still have a yearly cost of the policies, billed to you by us.

If you have any questions, do reach out to us.

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