Site Maintenance

The Whys

Why you need website maintenance

In this digital world you need to stay ahead of hackers and in line with the latest technology & software. That’s why we offer our maintenance packages to:

Minimise the risk of being attacked

Often the updates released by the core WordPress team as well as plugin & theme developers are security patches & enhancements. It’s our job to make sure they’re applied to your website.

Maintain & improve performance

As well as security patches, core, plugin and theme updates may include performance buffs such as speed boosts and/or new features applied. Let us help your site take advantage of these.

Reduce the chance of your site breaking

Keeping your website up to date means it won’t be left behind as technology races ahead. If you leave large gaps between software updates, there’s a much higher chance of it breaking.

Our Features

Included in every plan…

Our maintenance plans are flexible and can be tailored to your website’s & business’ needs, but at their core, they all include:

Updating Software

Once a month, we’ll manually update the core software, plugins and themes of your WordPress site, to keep it up to date and on peak performance.

Advanced Security

We’ll install best-in-market anti-virus & firewall security solutions to your site for added protection against hackers & malware.

Regular Backups

We will take regular, off-site backups for peace of mind in the event of an emergency. Designed for customers who don’t host with us.

Monthly Reports

We provide our customers with a detailed monthly report containing site analytics, uptime figures, health status & the maintenance carried out.

Plans & Pricing

What maintenance plan do you need?

All our plans are rolling monthly and super are flexible to suit your needs.


This plan is just right to keep your WordPress Website fully operational and you informed.

from £ 70 /month

  •  Monthly core, plugins & theme updates
  •  Advanced anti-virus & firewall
  •  Monthly care report
  •  Regular off-site backups
  •  Small changes i.e. text/images changes


This plan has everything in the essentials plan, plus content changes and design assistance.

from £ 115 /month

  •  Monthly core, plugins & theme updates
  •  Advanced anti-virus & firewall
  •  Monthly care report
  •  Regular off-site backups
  •  Small changes i.e. text/images changes

30 day money back guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with our maintenance service, we’ll refund you the money with no fuss.

Recent Appreciation

Hear from our customers

No one says it better than our clients.

The service I have received from Josh has been outstanding: he was prompt, courteous and delivered exactly what we needed in a very short space of time at a very competitive price.

Lucienne de Mauny

Lucienne de Mauny Ceramics

Hugely, hugely impressed with the work from Josh and Adam at Prystine Web Solutions. They provided exceptional attention to detail, totally understood our requirements and went our of their way to provide a top-notch service.

David Harber

Love Salisbury

Josh has held my hand from the conception of the website, its design adding blogs and making changes. He is insightful, responsive and always professional.

Darren Jones



Frequently Asked Questions

Read below some commonly asked questions, but equally, please don’t be afraid to speak with us.

What if my website is very out of date?

We can still work with you, however, for very out of date websites, we may charge a one off fee to bring it up to date so we can carry out routine maintenance going forward.

What’s the contract length?

All our maintenance contracts are rolling monthly. No tie ins.

I’ve already got Managed WordPress hosting with you, do I still need maintenance?

No, our Managed WordPress and Managed eCommerce hosting plans combine hosting and maintenance. This maintenance service is not needed.

I’ve just enabled automatic plugin updates, isn’t that good enough?

To some degree, yes. But firstly, it depends how important your website is to your business, as automated updates can cause potential conflicts/issues that go unnoticed and need to be rectified by a web developer, taking time. As well, our maintenance plan provides more than just updates, we also install best-in-class anti-virus and firewall software, provide monthly reports and take regular backups.

What’s in your monthly reports?

Our reports detail the maintenance carried out for the month, as well as uptime figures, site analytics & site health.

Contact us to know more

If you have any questions or just want to know more about our maintenance plans, please get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss your website and your requirements.