4 Steps to a Successful Website Launch

It can be a stressful time going through a rebrand or launch.

So, to help manage the stress, here are our top 4 steps to a successful website launch.

1) Make sure you know what you want

Sounds simple enough, but sometimes when you’re in the web design process, especially if it’s a large site, both the developer and client can wander a little off the beaten track.

Make sure you set out the expectations at the beginning of the project.

2) Make sure you test thoroughly or do a soft-launch

It’s imperative you put out your website in full working order. Get a few colleagues or friends to test the site thoroughly. Make sure the page links are working, the site is error free and, if you have an online shop, the checkout system is working smoothly.

Get your colleagues’ or friends’ general feedback too while they’re trawling through the site.

3) Make sure you have an online (& offline) marketing plan in place

A site without traffic is really not worth much. Traffic is the life blood of websites.

The truth is sites without any advertising or marketing struggle to gain much traffic in the early months of being launched.

Here’s an article on how social media can help your website.

4) Get a Google Business Page

Although ranking highly on Google and other search engines can take time, you can super charge your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) by getting a Google Business Page. That tells Google who you are, what you do and verifies your business.

You can find some handy tips on how to increase your website’s search engine ranking organically (without paying) here.

If you need any help, we’re on hand to provide free, impartial guidance & advice.

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