How social media helps your website

We all know the positive impact, when done correctly, that social media can have on your business… brand awareness, cost effective advertising, easy-to-run sales/competitions – the list goes on.

But do you know the impact that social media can have on your website?

Here are the top three:

1) Being Referenced

Being published on social media platforms means your business is referenced more times on the web. When we use the term referenced we’re talking about your website appearing in other places – directories, blogs, social media platforms etc.

Google and other search engines take into account to how much and where abouts your website is referenced. They factor in this information to help determine the trustability and reliability of your website.

2) Regular Posting

Although there is much debate in the digital world whether search engines use ‘social signals’ as a factor in determining search rankings; the bonus with regular posting is that you’re likely to be sending more people to your website – dependent on the campaign type. Search engines may view this extra traffic as adding to your website’s trustability and reliability.

There’s an interesting article here about how traffic improves your SEO.

3) Keeping Info Updated

One can assume, if you’re posting on social media regularly that you are probably more inclined to keep a blog up to date, or add in testimonials when they come along, which in turn tells search engines you are still ‘in business’ and take pride in your digital appearance.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed or frankly don’t know where to start, find our how we can help you by clicking here.

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