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Is Your Website Keeping Pace With Your Business

Technology changes rapidly, websites built 3 years ago, or even two years ago can be considered out of date.

But, not only does technology change, businesses change too. They modernise their practises, adapt to different markets, grow etc.

We’ve compiled a little checklist to see if you’re website is keeping up with your business.

Ask yourself these questions and subquestions below. Or better yet, ask a colleague or business partner, or someone that was not around at the original web design discussions. Essentially, you’ll want to try to look at your website with a fresh pair of eyes.

1) Is your website reflecting your current business?

Does it speak to your potential customers the way it should? Does it represent your business values? Is it in tune with your branding?

These are important in making sure you’re attracting the right type of customer and equally making sure the customer understands your business as it currently is, and not how it was 2 or 3 years ago.

2) What did you want your website to do 18 to 24 months ago?

Think back to what you last asked your web designer to implement. Did it achieve what you had hoped?

3) What do you want your website to do now?

How would you like it to serve your business? Do you want it to bring in more leads? Or perhaps make more online sales? Maybe it needs to act as more of a reference?

4) Are the last two answers the same?

This is perhaps the most important question. If they are the same, great. If they’re not the same, then something needs to be done. Get in contact with your web designer or feel free to contact us for a free and impartial discussion.

You’ll want to do this sooner rather than later as every day that goes by, every new visitor that comes to your website is potentially missing out.

Please note: we cannot give specific answers to the questions as each business is different, with different goals and objectives.

The questions and subquestions are designed to get you to think ultimately about what you wanted from you website, and what you want from your website.

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