Why Use A Landing Page?

A landing page is used to increase the conversion rate of promotions/ads that have a specific objective.

This is done by aligning your promotion/ad (with that specific objective) to a page designed to handle the request.

Let’s look an example

Imagine you’re an accountant. You’ve got a simple four page website. You run an ad on Facebook promoting help with end-of-year tax returns and you want people to sign up to a webinar about your service.

Here are two options for this

  1. Direct the traffic from Facebook to a general page within your website, i.e. home or contact, in hope they’ll get in touch.
  2. Create a specific landing page, with a sign up form geared towards visitors joining you on the webinar.

These are two extreme examples, but you see the point.

Naturally, with option two you’re going to get a much better conversion rate (the % of people who click the link, then sign up to the webinar) because it has flow and a clear objective.

Don’t forget, the user clicked on the ad for a reason. Make it as easy as possible for them to sign up/register to your offering, speaking of which…

Four top-tips for a landing page

  • Only show what you need to – every link or bit of text that doesn’t relate to your objective is just another barrier that the potential customer has to navigate through.
  • Use pictures, video’s and icons – the attention span in this era seems to be dropping by the day. Pictures say a thousand words and video’s even more.
  • Keep your landing page to the point. It’s not War and Peace or the works of Homer. Don’t dither.
  • Ideally, keep it within your site as a sub-domain or in a sub-directory, more on that below.

Why not use a third-party form?

Of course, there are a fair few applications out there that can be used to create sign up/registration forms. But how nice would it look if the link you’re asking customers to click has your domain in the url? And how nice is it to keep the landing page under your brand?

I’ll leave that thought with you.

Hopefully you found this useful!

If you would like some assistance in building a landing page or marketing campaign, give us a shout.

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