Web Design That Doesn’t Cost The Earth… IT SAVES IT!

Yes, you read correctly, not only will we design an amazing website for your business but we can host it on our carbon neutral platform.

How so?

We’ve partnered with an Eco-Friendly data company in Cambridge who plant trees to offset the web servers’ carbon emissions.

While the idea of using renewable energy to power web servers is splendid, the requirements of web servers are 24/7/365 electricity and internet connection. Solar, Wind, Tidal and other forms, while brilliant in their own right, just don’t offer the level of reliability needed to run web servers… We know how the weather is in Great Britain!


IT takes responsibility for around 3-4% of the global energy usage, and about 10% in the UK.

It’s small changes like this, switching to an eco-friendly web host, that make the difference.

So we’re on a mission to save the world, one beautifully designed website at a time! Want to join/help?

Their Commitment To Carbon Neutrality

To date, the data company has planted over 300 trees which more than accounts for the servers’ carbon footprint.

Want to know more? Drop us a line: [email protected]

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