Dashboard analytics tab

Our shiny new client dashboard

Always innovating and improving our service, we’ve been developing a custom dashboard for our clients these last few weeks.

It’s finally in beta release!

The dashboard is designed to show a top down view of key site metrics, including:

  • Performance stats,
  • Site analytics,
  • Uptime figures,
  • Recent posts & pages,
  • General info such the php & WP core version.

We share some of this information already via our monthly care report for our maintenance and managed hosting clients. However, we wanted to make this information accessible 24/7, hence the dashboard creation.

Anyway, without further a-do, here’s a sneak peak.

Dashboard home

Nothing too glamorous, just some key info and a screenshot of the client’s website’s homepage.

My Dashboard tab

Site analytics

A nice and concise overview of the website’s key stats. There’s an option to filter by date range and look at the data either by day or by week. The charts are interactive, meaning you can hide lines and sections as needed.

Analytics tab

Site performance

Using the power of Google Lighthouse, we analyse the client’s website in real time and share key stats bench marked against the ‘average’ website.

Performance tab

Site Info

On this tab, you can see your most recent pages, posts, uptime stats and key health info.

Dashboard site info tab
Site info tab

Accessing the dashboard

You can view the front page of our dashboard here, although currently it’s just a holding page and you won’t be able to see anything without access.

If you’re interested in seeing a demo, speak to us. However, for access, currently whilst it’s in its beta stage, we’re only opening the dashboard to select existing clients.

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