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Local Business? Make Sure You Say It!

In this article we’re discussing something quite drastic that’s often overlooked when building a website.

If you are looking to work with your local community or certainly with people or businesses in your region, then it’s vital you declare where you are located and where you provide your services or sell your products.

Without going into too much detail, Local SEO is extremely powerful as roughly 80% of consumers use search engines to find local information.

So make sure you put where you operate on your homepage or, at the very least, include it on your about us page.

“Web Solutions Agency in Oxfordshire”

As an example, on our homepage, we state that we are a ‘Web Solutions Agency in Oxfordshire’.

That tells potential clients that we provide web solutions and are based in Oxfordshire. We then go on to say how we’re located on Milton Park in Abingdon further down the page, but you get the idea.

This seems fairly straight forward but so many businesses neglect having their location on their website and unless you tell Google where you are, it can have a hard time figuring this out.

One more thing…

As well as adding where you are located and/or where you serve on your website, we’d highly recommend getting a Google Business Listing.

A Google Business Listing

Sign up for one, they’re free and will take all of 5 minutes to set up.

Having one will immediately tell Google the area of where you trade plus you should appear in the map results for local searches (see image below – second red box).

Google search results matrix

Click here and then hit sign in; you will need a gmail account.

Give us a shout if you need any help!

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