Quotify Home Screen

Introducing our new webapp – Quotify

Over the past few months we’ve been building a neat little tool that will help streamline and automate your customer quoting & estimation process.

Enter Quotify

Quotify Home Screen
Quotify’s homepage snapshot

In a nut shell, this free software allows you to build your own custom quote forms, embed them on your website and then collect and collate the enquiries that come piling through.

Your customers and potential customers will be able to pick and choose the services/products/add-ons that they want and you’ll get a nice order form and can take it from there.

By using a quotation form, you’ll establish a much higher quality of enquiries, because price likely won’t be a hurdle in their buying decision with you, as they’ll have a clear idea of how your pricing structure works. Essentially customers will know if they can afford your services/products before getting in touch.

How it works

You view the simple step by step process here, but essentially, once you’ve created a free account, you’ll be able to build your own quotation and estimation forms with a simple drag and drop editor (below), and then embed them on your website. See our example below.

Quotify drag and drop
Quotify’s drag ‘n’ drop editor

If you’re willing to ‘Go Pro’ there are a range of customisation options, namely a few different form styles & fonts to choose from and you can use your own brand colours. Plus it removes our modest branding.

Here’s an example

Please feel free to test it out 🙂 but do note it is just there for demo purposes, these figures are not correct and upon clicking ‘SEND ME MY QUOTE’, you will be sent an email with the quote summary.

Why have we built Quotify?

We feel it’s important to be open, honest and transparent with your pricing. You want to give your potential customers as much information (and laid out as simply) as possible so it makes their buying decision as easy as possible.

We’ve recently written an article on showcasing pricing and the benefits it can bring, read here.

And do remember to check out Quotify.app today – it’s free!

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