Elephant in the room

The elephant in the room – sharing your pricing on your website

Today we’re asking the question and discussing should you put your prices (or at least estimates) on your website? It’s a hot topic. It’s something we get asked a lot, both whether we display and discuss our prices and equally if our clients’ should display theirs.

So, should you put your prices (or at least estimates) on your website?

We say, YES!

We’ll cover the key benefits below in sharing your pricing structure on your website. We’ll run through how it can help build trust, aid in client research and make your leads more qualified.

The benefits of displaying or at least discussing your pricing

We’ll be running through these three key benefits for showcasing your pricing online.

  1. Transparency
  2. Client Research
  3. Pre-qualification
Price on display for Uncle Bens Rice
Price on display for Uncle Bens Rice


By displaying your prices you’re being open and honest. It’s like you’re saying ‘this is our service/product, these are the values/benefits, and here is the cost‘. You’re not hiding them away or making them difficult to find. Stand by them and ultimately….

  • Be confident in your pricing.
  • Be confident in your value(s) & benefits.
  • Be confident in your services or products.

Clients like to research before purchases

Having your pricing on display means that potential clients will be able to clearly see the “full picture”. What do we mean by “full picture”? It’s the whole package, it’s the benefits & values AND the cost. Most companies stop at the benefits & values.

85% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase online

Source: Oberlo

Clients will research you before deciding to work with you. It’s important you make it easy for them to understand your services or products, inside and out.

Lastly, making clients get in contact for pricing just puts up another hurdle for them to go through to choose you.


Talking about your fees will help filter the enquiries you get as they will have an idea if they can afford your services/products, before getting in touch.

Ultimately, you will potentially receive less enquiries, but they should be of a higher quality.

The objections

Of course there are objections, many businesses choose not to display their pricing, some businesses can’t or, rather, don’t have the right tools to do so (more on that below).

Here’re the common objections we hear and our responses/rebuttals.

“We sell on value”

Selling on value is important and this is where your website and other marketing material should clearly highlight and demonstrate your service’s or product’s value. BUT, you must have some pricing framework in place?

“Competitors will see my pricing”

So what? If they’re good competitors they probably know your pricing through and through!

“We’re British, talking about money is something you just don’t do”

Being British does come with the culture of not liking to discuss money. But it is important. The price you sell at, quotations & getting paid are all key aspects to running a successful business.

Tools of the trade

If you have a flat pricing structure, i.e. your products cost £X amount and that’s that, then just displaying the prices on your website would be straight forward. But if you have various tiers or a complex pricing model, please see below.

Comparison tables

Comparison tables are a nice way of showcasing tiered products or service plans.

For example:

Comparison pricing table example
Our example pricing table taken from our web hosting page

Quote builders

If your product or service is complex and you have lots of variables and parameters, then chances are, to efficiently help your customers get an accurate quote/price, you will need the help of software.

The software could be anything from a custom web form to a bespoke application.

Below is an example of the quoting tool we created that enables users to establish the investment in their new website.

Use a custom quote builder tool
A snippet from our custom quote builder tool

While this was quote form was developed specifically for our website, we have developed a FREE webapp to help businesses use the idea of the above quote builder, but on their own website. Enter Quotify…


Over the past few months, we have developed a webapp that will allow you to build your own custom quote forms and embed them on your website. By using a simple drag ‘n’ drop editor, along side various form settings, you can create interactive quote forms within minutes, that your customers will love.

Quotify is in beta release, but do check it out, head over to quotify.app and create a FREE account today!

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