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Improve Your Search Ranking Without Coding

Our Three Top Tips For SEO

If you are looking to bump up your website’s Google Rankings, here are a few easy, and we mean EASY, tips on what you can do without knowing an ounce of coding.

You won’t see the effect right away, but it give a month or so – they work.

  1. Get a Google Business Page. It’s one of the biggest things you can do. It tells Google that you are a verified business and lets you put your phone number and website on the listing. You’ll appear in their map section at the top of page one. The same can be done with other search engines like Bing.
  2. Get listed in as many (free) online directories as you can. Yell, Thompson Local, iOxfordshire – you name it. The more your website is referenced on the web the better. Search engines will then view your website as a trust-worthy place and are more likely to promote you in their rankings.
  3. Create social media pages. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Anything you think relates to your business and post regularly. Post links back to your website within the usual call to actions and general posts.
God’s speed and good luck!

If you would like assistance, or perhaps want to discuss taking bigger steps to increase your website’s Search Engine ranking, contact us today.

We can help with Social Media, implementing Keywords and Meta-data, managing the admin side of Google Business Pages and other directories and more.

The Proof?

Our website ranks at the very top of Google for ‘Web Designers in Didcot’. Also over 90% of our customers appear on page one of Google for their chosen industry and area.

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