Integrating a client’s website with a POS system


We consulted with OX Vape on how to streamline their stock management, we wanted to find a way to give them a one stop management tool for all POS related functions. We are currently in the process of working with OX Vape to set up the new system after discussing the benefits of the change. We will explore some of the benefits and functions in this case study.


Fundamentally the main goal is to amalgamate stock management to one database. This would allow easier navigation and management of the stock system generally speaking. Additionally we would want something that facilitated and streamlined online sales and product management. 

It is essential in the current climate, that any businesses selling products or services, have a strong online sales presence. From this we know that the key to this project is to strengthen the online sales and the POS system will do exactly that, its just a case of finding the right one


After scouring the market we found a best fit POS system that integrated directly into the website, this means a relatively simple set up and transition. Using the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress we can now benefit from the following functions:

Pros of using WooCommerce POS

The menu within the plug-in is also extremely effective at connecting to the back end of your online store, it can connect to and manage your product pages, discounts and coupons, as well as your CRM. 

OX Vape POS checkout screenshot

The product/stock management system is also very neatly and clearly laid out, making it easy for you to know how much stock you have, what availability you have on individual products as well as seeing what featured products you have active and what sales you currently have going on. 

We are looking forward to seeing how this affects online sales and the reduction in costs that should bring with it. We are currently finalising the process with OX Vape and we are confident from the points we have discussed above that this will be a great, tactical move for the current climate. 

If we can help, not only with your online presence, but to streamline your operations, get in touch.

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