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5 Insane Stats About Websites & Web Design You Need To Know

Web design can make or break a business.

A good website attracts and helps customers while putting out the right company image. And, with such an important role in digital marketing and lead generation, here are 5 insane facts you need to know about web design.

Right at the top….

1) 63% of consumers use websites to find businesses and 30% won’t consider a business without a website.

(Source: Search Engine Land)

Bill gates wasn’t wrong when he said “if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

With such a high percentage of consumers relying on the web to find or fact check a company, it’s imperative to have a website (and a good one at that)!

2) 64% of website visitors want to see contact information and 44% will leave the website if they cannot find it.

(Source: KoMarketing)

Can your contact page be found? Can customers easily contact your business if they have a question?

Seems obvious, but think to the last few websites you visited; could you find their contact page? A good amount of websites, especially of large companies, seem to hide the contact page in the most discrete places.

Make sure your contact page is easily found and it’s easy for visitors to contact you – they may have important pre-sales questions.

3) Nearly 50% of website visitors will not wait more than three seconds for an online shop to load.

(Source: BBC News)

It’s 2018. Attention spans are around 8 seconds. We live in an instant digital world. Your website needs to react quickly to website calls (clicks to your site).

Make sure your website is dynamic (for ‘3 tips to improve website speed’ click here) and use a great hosting company.

4) 48% of mobile users feel that the company didn’t care about their business if the website doesn’t work well on mobile.

(Source: Think with Google)

With approximately 2/3 web browses taking place on a mobile or tablet, mobile design should be at the forefront of your website.

Having a website that can display content beautifully and be easily navigated through on a mobile is key!

5) 38% of website visitors will stop engaging with the content if it has an unattractive layout or imagery.

(Source: SWEOR)

Design. Design. Design. With vast competition on the internet, user interface and user experience are super important in lovingly displaying your content and offerings.

Get ahead of your competitors and stand out from the crowd; use an awesome web design agency

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