Why Your Website Is An Investment & Not A Cost

When we speak to potential clients, naturally, a key question is "how much does it cost?"

While that is a very valid question, it paints the picture of a website being a cost to the business rather than an investment.

When done correctly, a website is one of the best forms of advertising and marketing. It has the ability to (1) generate leads, (2) give value to your customers, (3) give your business a reference on the web and (4) create direct sales.

Let’s talk about these four points of what your website perhaps does (or can do) for your business.

(1) Generate Leads

OK, this is a little obvious, but leads tend to turn into business. Not always, but at least some of them. People come to your website, see what you do and then give you a call or send you an email.

If they don’t, there may be something not quite right with your site… give us a call.

(2) Provide Value

This is value to the customer in the info you provide i.e. downloadable worksheets, vlogs, blogs, tax calculators… the list goes on.

Providing value can sometimes a bit of a slow burner, however, when your customer is looking to change providers, you can be sure they’ll view your business in good light!

(3) A Reference

I’ll elaborate this point with an example.

Although a website is essential for pretty much any business, a reference is even more important for when your business is rather personal, for example, a financial adviser, a surgeon or a funeral director.

Maybe the client gets told about your business from a friend or colleague; I can almost guarantee they will ‘Google’ you.

They want to make sure you’re legit.

Does your website reflect your business?

(4) Direct Sales

This is if you run an e-commerce site. It’s no secret that it’s the easiest way to quantify your return on investment.

In Summary

It doesn’t matter what your business is, 99% of the time your website should be providing some return on the cost… ergh… investment.

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