Why Choose A Local Web Designer

With thousands of agencies around the country, and indeed the world, what are the benefits of choosing to work with a local web designer/developer?

In this article we’ll be discussing our top three reasons why we believe it is valuable to go local!

First things first…

1) Putting a face to the name

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using a local website designer is, more often than not, you’ll get to meet them face to face.

We do this with all our clients that are in the region. We receive clients at our offices based in Milton Park in South Oxfordshire or, are equally happy travel to their premises.

We truly value face to face contact as you really get to know the person and company you would be working with.

2) Same contact & familiarity

Usually if you’re going local it’s likely you’ll be working with a smaller company oppose to a large corporation.

A smaller company means you’ll just have one or two contacts. The contacts will know you, your business and your project. They’ll be able to provide updates and answer any questions without having to be reminded ‘who you are’ or ‘what your business is called’.

Also, you would have direct contact details – so no waiting in phone queues or multiple barriers of ‘press 3 for xyz’.

3) Quicker & more efficient

Emailing and calling are very useful, but sometimes they just don’t quite cut it.

When it comes to discussing the big things of a project, the design-brief and functionality, a lot more can be achieved in a 30 minute meeting oppose to countless back and forward emails or forms that need to be filed out.

Plus, in a meeting you can really get the creative juices flowing and expand on the project!

If you’re in Oxfordshire or Berkshire and would like to work with a local web designer, get in touch.

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