What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO is used to increase your website’s search engine ranking i.e. for your website to appear higher on the search page when someone Googles your industry.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is more about what you do "off page" than what you do "on page", according to this HubSpot article.

They go on by saying around 75% of SEO work should be done outside of your website (off page), leaving 25% of work to be done on your website (on page).

What to do ‘on page’

There are lots of little things you can do, like adding an xml site map and creating a robots.txt file, but here are the top points:

  • Adding keywords and metadata to each page
  • Adding an SEO/site title to each page
  • And, this seems obvious, but making the sure your page’s content relates to the keywords, SEO title & metadata… you’d be surprised how many don’t!

What to do ‘off page’

Here are a few key methods for you to try:

  • Setting up a Google Business Page (along with a Bing For Business etc.)
  • Applying to be in local online directories – try the free ones first
  • Guest blogging (where your website is linked)
  • Setting up social media profiles & posting on them regularly
Why is the larger percentage of work allocated to ‘outside your website’?

It’s because there are more possibilities outside your website than within.

The work you can do within your website is limited – there are only a certain amount of pages to add keywords & metadata to; however, outside of your website, there are thousands of directories, thousands of other websites that I’m sure would like to have you as a guest blogger on and also plenty of time is needed post regularly on social media.

If you would like assistance with your website’s SEO… Drop us a line!

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