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The WordPress mobile app review

I downloaded the WordPress app for my iOS device a few weeks ago as a fun thing to try out.

I haven’t paid it too much attention, as I’m in front of my desktop for most of the day and don’t exactly need to use it.

But, when I have used it, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with just how well it integrates with my website, especially if you have Jetpack installed.

The main menu from within the WordPress mobile app.
The main menu from within the WordPress mobile app.

From the app, you can add posts & pages (Gutenberg ready ones, that is), view site stats, manage plugins & themes, manage users, edit your menus and so much more.

So much so, that to list every option and setting you can change would be tedious. But you get the picture. From a mobile app you sure can manage a lot of your website.

This article was in fact written and published directly from the app.

It also has a really clean interface and is super easy to use.

It may be small but it sure is powerful

The one thing I was really surprised at was just how powerful Gutenberg is from within the app. I believe all or at least the vast majority of blocks are available, with most settings customisable.

That brings almost full site editing capabilities to your mobile phone.

What’s more, you can add multiple websites to the app.

Writing this blog post within the WordPress iOS app.
Writing this blog post within the WordPress iOS app.

Getting started

To get started, download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Enter your site domain, admin username and password, and you’re in.

It’s that simple.

If you’re struggling to add your website, some hosts block the xml-rpc.php file due to security reasons. If that’s the case, best to speak with them or contact your web developer for assistance. You could also try installing Jetpack as a way around it.

Publish on the go

In summary, if you’re often on the go and find yourself with just your phone and a desire to manage your website, download the app today.

Or perhaps you just love trying out new things and new technology. This app will not disappoint.

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