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The importance of Digital Marketing in the current environment

One thing we have all learnt from 2020 is that our work/industry environment is currently undergoing pressures we have not seen before in our time. The traditional shop front or office setting has been forced to adapt in light of the current global pandemic. Outside of the obvious effects of this, one thing that has become more apparent than ever is that businesses must now be able to change the way they operate in light of this situation.

The need to have a strong digital presence has been around for some years, but given the current climate this has come to an extreme. Most businesses have been forced into working through online platforms or had to move into the digital realm in order to continue operating effectively. 

Although this all may seem very daunting in light of the year we’ve just had, but it presents an opportunity for businesses to take the step into gaining traction where they may not have had any previously. By expanding your business to be able to work more effectively (or exclusively) online you would be simultaneously resolving the issue of operating in the current climate, as well as opening up a new channel of virtual sales and conversions. Ultimately, raising your profitability and turnover. 

Time to adapt

This is a time to consider if you really are doing everything you can to adapt to the “new normal”. If you feel your website is outdated then this would be a first step, if you do not have a method of creating sales online then perhaps this is a route to explore? Could you sell your goods digitally in an online store? If you are a speaker or private lecturer, could you be selling tickets to seminars and speeches online? There are a whole array of options on how to evolve your business, its just about getting creative! 

As a digital agency this is our bread and butter, we like when we can take on a challenge like this and given the scope of tools we have to our disposal through websites, social media and branding, we’re sure to be able to help you!

If you haven’t considered adapting or transitioning your business to a digital medium then you may find it hard to compete. We are here to help you figure out the best way to make this move in the new year.

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