Started a business during lockdown?

Have you started a business during lockdown? Or set up a side hustle? In this blog post we discuss 4 top tips that you should consider to boost your online presence. Some you can even do on the cheap or for free!

1. Get a google business page

They’re free, only take a few minutes to set up and will do wonders for verifying your business with Google.

You’ll appear in the map section when people are searching for your service locally. And also on the right hand side of the search results when people search for you directly (image below).

Sign up here. It’s a simple step by step process.

Google Business Listing Snapshop
This is how your Google business listing looks; highlighted in the red box on the right.

2. Setup a website

If you don’t have one, you need one. It’s 2021. At the very least new customers will look you up to check that you are legitimate. You can use a DIY website builder, a templated solution, or get it built bespoke – just get one!

Check out this article which discusses the pros and cons for the various web design directions/platforms.

If you already have a website, ask yourself, is it speaking to your target audience? Is it aligned with your brand? Is it generating leads or sales?

If you feel like investing in your website, let us help, we’d be happy to schedule a free consultation.

3. Set up (the right) social profiles

You may have a Facebook or Instagram page, but are your target audience using them? 

You should cast your net where your fish are. Essentially, post in the places your prospective audience are. It’s no use posting on snapchat if your target audience are corporate hot-shots and primarily found on LinkedIn.

Also, make sure you’re being engaging and consistent with your content.

4. Make sure your branding is on point

Does your brand reflect your values? Does it speak to your audience? A brand is an integral part of your business, it’s your identity, it’s needs to be right. A cheap logo isn’t necessarily a good one.

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