Connecting Web Design, Hosting & Site Maintenance

Our Monthly Solution Explained: Combining Web Design, Hosting & Maintenance

Recently we launched an ‘All-In-One’ Complete Web Solution that combines our web design, hosting & site maintenance into one monthly plan, with no upfront fees.

One Monthly, Convenient Plan

In this article, we’ll be discussing why we launched our complete web solution and the benefits it has for businesses in Oxfordshire & Berkshire.

Why have we launched this solution?

There are two main reasons behind the launch:

  1. To consolidate & simply our packages and,
  2. To spread the cost of a website design.

The first point means administration is easier for both parties. It’s just one monthly invoice, that clearly details what’s included with no hidden surprises.

The second point allows businesses to ‘pay as you earn’ from a website. This is ideal for those that don’t have the capital to invest in a brand new website and would like to spread the cost over a given period.

Who do we have in mind that can benefit from this?

We like to work with businesses in Oxfordshire (Didcot, Wallingford, Wantage, Abingdon, Oxford etc.) so that we can meet with them face to face to discuss their project.

However we can work with any business situated anywhere really, so it’s more designed for businesses and organisations that wish to spread the cost of designing, hosting and maintaining their website.

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