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Our knowledge base

Over the past few weeks we’ve transformed our standard, old ‘FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)’ to a ‘knowledge base‘.

And that probably begs the question…

What is a knowledge base?

A ‘knowledge base’ is where we not only answer commonly asked questions in detail and plain English (avoiding or explaining technical jargon) but also look at advice, tips and offer up how to guides (that last point is coming very soon).

It’s still in its infancy, but as the weeks go by we’ll be filling it up with more and more great content, so keep your eyes peeled!

Our knowledge base screenshot

Why have we launched this?

The main reason is because we want to help our clients and potential clients to be as informed as possible when it comes to matters of web design, hosting and site maintenance.

We also want to be as open and transparent as possible about things like costs, expectations & timelines, when it comes to web design projects and other web services.

We don’t talk on and on about our services, instead we talk about web design, hosting and website maintenance as a whole.

For example

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is ‘how much does a website cost?

As you can imagine there are lots of variables that make up the end price of website build project.

In our article, we broke down and discussed those variables and how they impact the end cost. So, when going into a meeting with your web designer/ developer you’d have a better understanding about what effects the price and can discuss your requirements to suit.

As a side note, we have also built an interactive quote builder where you can get an accurate custom quote in under three minutes!

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