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The Importance of Proper Site Maintenance

Not perhaps the most glamorous part of the job but certainly ranks high in terms of importance.

What is web maintenance?

As time goes by the software and code used to create websites (both core & external) needs to be updated.

But why?

There are three main reasons as to why website maintenance is vital, with the first bullet-point taking priority:

  • To bolster the security of the website and arm against hacks; every day hackers come up with different attacks & malicious software to which updates are implemented to combat.
  • Improve performance; with time, software and code becomes more effective and efficient, increasing website’s speed & functions.
  • Remove bugs; correcting issues that were not picked up in testing.
How does this affect my site?

Modern websites certainly need to be kept up to date, this is to ensure your website data and users browsing your site are safe.

Making sure a website is up to date also reduces the chance of it breaking.

If your site isn’t modern, maybe you’d be interested in talking to us about a redesign/overhaul, contact us for a chat!

What we can do

We offer maintenance plans that scale, from basic website software maintenance to solutions that include:

  • Retained design work
  • Site stat reports
  • Web & Email hosting
  • SEO
  • Site backups & more

If you’d like to know more, drop us a line.

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