Is Blogging Good For Your Website?

Yes and No.

If blogging is done correctly (more on that later), it can generate a nice source of traffic to your website. You won’t notice the increase straight away but give it a month or so and you should start to see the results. Namely, traffic coming to your blog via search engines.

To help improve the flow, share your posts via social media & email (providing you have the correct permission). You’ve already done the hard part in creating the content, now share it!

On the flip-side

If you are inconsistent with your blog and sporadic in your posting, it leaves your website looking out of date and not in use.

You’re also likely to annoy your following (however small to begin with) that come to your site and expect your ‘regular’ fresh content.

How to run a good blog?

Well, we won’t go in to much detail here, but these are our top three tips to stick to:

  1. Be consistent. Post regularly. Make some time in your diary or hire a professional to do it.
  2. Keep the same style of writing. Writing as you speak is the easiest way to ensure that.
  3. Write about things you’re not only a specialist on, but passionate about. It will make writing your blog fun and easy!

Good luck!

For more info head over to HubSpot and check this article out about consistent blogging.

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