Ox Vape

After a discussion with John & George at Ox Vape, it was clear just how vital their website truly is to their day to day operations. We knew we needed to make it perform at its best and for this, we took a three-pronged approach.

First, we rolled out a series of website development improvements such as streamlining the user interface and reducing code bloat. Secondly, we carried out a hosting infrastructure upgrade. Lastly, we introduced enterprise-grade security solutions including a managed WAF and DDoS protection.

New Impressions

The home page after some drastic upgrades to the user interface.

Since we started working with Josh, he has continued to amaze us with his level of expertise, knowledge and ultimately, the fantastic work he has produced for us. Our website is now faster than ever and looks much cleaner! Thank you again Josh, top class work!

Clean & Simple

This eCommerce site is fast, clean and super user-friendly to allow customers to easily find what they're after and make a purchase.

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